BLM Bans Off Highway Vehicle Travel At Tangle Lake Historic Area

ATV's & Off Road Vehicles Can't Travel  
At Tangle Lakes, Due To Low Snow Cover 
 & Lack Of Frost 

Photo of BLM Signboard at Tangle Lakes, regarding the Archaeological District.
(Bearfoot Travel Guides)

The Bureau of Land Management in Glennallen is extending a ban on off-road vehicle travel through the Tangle Lakes Archaeological District. The reason is lack of protective snow cover.

BLM Map Of Tangle Lakes Historic District (Shown In Yellow)

The Tangle Lakes Archaeological District is the site of of a large number of known historic sites, stemming from what archaeologists believe was the first migration wave entering North America from Siberia, across the Bering Straits. 

Here is the BLM notice:
News Release
BLM Alaska, Glennallen Field Office
P.O. Box 147, Glennallen AK 99588-0147

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                 Date: October 18, 2016
Contact:  Dennis Teitzel, 907-822-3217,

BLM Extends OHV Travel Restrictions in
Tangle Lakes Archaeological District

Due to the lack of adequate snow cover and ground frost, OHV Travel will continue to be restricted to designated trails within the federally managed Tangle Lakes Archaeological District (TLAD).  This restriction is implemented for the protection of cultural resources, per the East Alaska Resource Management Plan dated July 2007.  All designated trails within the TLAD are physically marked with green-dotted Carsonite signs.  Routes marked with red dots are closed to motorized vehicles.  Maps with designated trail markings are located at trailheads and are also available at the Bureau of Land Management Glennallen Field Office.   Once adequate cover of either 12 inches of snow or 6 inches of ground frost is present, OHV Travel in the TLAD will be allowed.
Any person who fails to comply with this restriction may be subject to the penalties provided for in Section 8340.0-7 of 43 CFR.  Law Enforcement and emergency response personnel are excluded from this restriction when acting in the course of duty. 
The TLAD, located between Milepost 17 and 37 from Paxson, Alaska along the Denali Highway, was accepted to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.  More than 600 located historic and prehistoric sites within the TLAD help to tell the story of human occupation, mining, and hunting for the past 10,000 years. 
For more information, see or contact the BLM Glennallen Field Office at 907-822-3217.

 ~ Lenora Berner
Administrative Assistant
BLM Glennallen Field Office

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