Types Of I.D.'s You Need To Vote

What Do You Need As An I.D. To Vote On November 8th?

Here's What The State Says...
Voting requirements
  • Be registered to vote in Alaska. Check if you’re registered to vote.
  • Be a US citizen
  • Be 18 by Election Day, Nov 8
In person ID requirements
Bring one of the following with you to vote in person:
  • Voter ID card
  • Driver’s license or state ID
  • Military ID
  • Passport
  • Hunting or fishing license
  • Any valid photo ID
  • A current utility bill, paycheck, government check, or bank statement
  • Any other document issued by the government

By mail ID requirements
If you've voted in Alaska before, you don’t need to provide ID to vote by mail
If you’re voting for the first time in Alaska, registered by mail, and didn’t provide a copy of your ID when you registered, then attach a copy of one of the following with your completed absentee ballot:
  • Driver’s license, state ID card, birth certificate, passport, hunting or fishing license, or another current photo ID
  • Utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, or other government document that shows your name and address

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BLM Bans Off Highway Vehicle Travel At Tangle Lake Historic Area

ATV's & Off Road Vehicles Can't Travel  
At Tangle Lakes, Due To Low Snow Cover 
 & Lack Of Frost 

Photo of BLM Signboard at Tangle Lakes, regarding the Archaeological District.
(Bearfoot Travel Guides)

The Bureau of Land Management in Glennallen is extending a ban on off-road vehicle travel through the Tangle Lakes Archaeological District. The reason is lack of protective snow cover.

BLM Map Of Tangle Lakes Historic District (Shown In Yellow)

The Tangle Lakes Archaeological District is the site of of a large number of known historic sites, stemming from what archaeologists believe was the first migration wave entering North America from Siberia, across the Bering Straits. 

Here is the BLM notice:
News Release
BLM Alaska, Glennallen Field Office
P.O. Box 147, Glennallen AK 99588-0147

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                 Date: October 18, 2016
Contact:  Dennis Teitzel, 907-822-3217,

BLM Extends OHV Travel Restrictions in
Tangle Lakes Archaeological District

Due to the lack of adequate snow cover and ground frost, OHV Travel will continue to be restricted to designated trails within the federally managed Tangle Lakes Archaeological District (TLAD).  This restriction is implemented for the protection of cultural resources, per the East Alaska Resource Management Plan dated July 2007.  All designated trails within the TLAD are physically marked with green-dotted Carsonite signs.  Routes marked with red dots are closed to motorized vehicles.  Maps with designated trail markings are located at trailheads and are also available at the Bureau of Land Management Glennallen Field Office.   Once adequate cover of either 12 inches of snow or 6 inches of ground frost is present, OHV Travel in the TLAD will be allowed.
Any person who fails to comply with this restriction may be subject to the penalties provided for in Section 8340.0-7 of 43 CFR.  Law Enforcement and emergency response personnel are excluded from this restriction when acting in the course of duty. 
The TLAD, located between Milepost 17 and 37 from Paxson, Alaska along the Denali Highway, was accepted to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.  More than 600 located historic and prehistoric sites within the TLAD help to tell the story of human occupation, mining, and hunting for the past 10,000 years. 
For more information, see or contact the BLM Glennallen Field Office at 907-822-3217.

 ~ Lenora Berner
Administrative Assistant
BLM Glennallen Field Office

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Ahtna Inc.'s Tolsona Well Exploration Becomes Big News Statewide

Ahtna Wildcat Well Drilling 
Subject Of Numerous Media Stories 

Photos and pictures of Ahtna Inc.'s new Tolsona Oil & gas exploration project were featured in various forums all over the state in early October. 

See Some Of Them Here: 




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CVEA Completes New Phase Of Its Allison Creek Hydro Project

October 7, 2016 

Copper Valley Electric Celebrates the Completion of the 
Allison Creek Hydroelectric Project

On Wednesday, October 5, 2016, Copper Valley Electric Association (CVEA) was joined by a group of roughly 60 people, including Governor Bill Walker, Senator John Coghill, Mayor Ruthie Knight, current and past CVEA Board members, and several key project contributors, to celebrate the completion of the Allison Creek Hydroelectric Project.

The group enjoyed tours of the powerhouse, through the tunnel, and up the mountain to the diversion structure, as well as a commissioning ceremony and powerhouse dedication. CVEA COO, Travis Million, delivered an informative presentation that outlined the major components and specialized nature of the project as well as challenges the project encountered along the way. His presentation was followed by an upbeat video capturing moments from the start of the project to the finish, and congratulatory remarks from Walker, Coghill, and Knight.

Following the ceremony was a powerhouse dedication unveiling a stainless steel plaque containing names of key contributors, and each of them were presented with a commemorative 'key to the project'.
The celebration wrapped up as CVEA Board President Paul Kildal flipped the switch, officially moving the project from construction to commercial power generation.

The 6.5mega-watt hydroelectric project will move the cooperative one step closer to its vision of reducing or eliminating the cooperative's dependence on liquid fossil fuel for power generation and stabilizing the cost of generation with regional, sustainable resources.

The project promises to displace 725,000 gallons of fuel annually, eliminate 12,000 tons of emissions each year, allow Solomon gulch Lake to store more water going into the winter, generate 15 million kWhs to increase CVEA's renewable energy portfolio from 55-69% of total generation requirements, and provide benefits for generations to come.

For questions, project details, and construction images, please visit

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HAARP Project Donates Fire Extinguishers To Gakona Fire Department

HAARP Helps Douse 
 Fires By Donating 30 
Fire Extinguishers 

The University of Alaska Fairbanks’ High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, donated 30 fire extinguishers to the Gakona Volunteer Fire Department in August.

When staff at the Geophysical Institute last year assumed responsibility for administration of HAARP, the new managers decided there were more of the 5-pound CO2 extinguishers than needed.

“We’re going to use some at the fire station for training and we’re going to give some out in the community,” Gakona Fire Chief Jason Severs said. “This being a rural area, there are people here that don’t have fire extinguishers. Anything like this that they can put in their homes, workshops or garages is good.”

Staff at HAARP have worked with with the local fire department before, Severs said. “HAARP is part of the community and we go up there and help them out any time we can.”

The HAARP large antenna array, located about 10 miles north of Gakona on the Tok Cutoff, is used to study the properties and behavior of the ionosphere.

Source: University of Alaska -Fairbanks

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2016 Annual Meeting To Be Held Thursday, October 27th At The Fireweed Grill In Glennallen

Come To The 2016 Greater Copper Valley Chamber Meeting 

On October 27th At The Fireweed!

29th Annual Meeting
Thursday, October  27th

Fireweed Grill Banquet Room 
Come celebrate the 29th Annual Dinner Meeting of the Greater Copper Valley Chamber

Speaker: Governor Walker's Deputy Chief of Staff, John Hozey (formerly Valdez City Manager)

Featured Guests Will Be:
House District 9 Candidates: George Rauscher (Republican) & Pamela Goode (Constitution Party)
House District 6 Representative David Talerico (Republican) & Jason Land (Democrat)

Dinner Menu:
Prime Rib
Yukon Gold Potatoes
Asparagus, Dinner Rolls, Coffee, Tea, etc.
Dessert: Creme Brûlée

Sign up ahead of time. (Right now would be good.)

Come at 5 to 6 to meet and talk to your candidates and the Deputy Chief of Staff John Hozey
from the Governor's office.

6:15 Introductions
7 pm  Meal Time

Cost is $28

This is the 29th Annual Meeting and features awards, election of officers, silent auction, door prizes and election of President of the Chamber. Meet the Governor's Deputy Chief of Staff, Candidates for Office and make your voice heard!

Call Kathy at 907-822-5555 or write
with your people count for this event.

Silent Auction Items Needed!

The Chamber is looking for Silent Auction items for the meeting.
Can you offer a night at your B&B? A dinner for two? 
An item or two from your inventory?

We appreciate your help in supporting the Chamber Of Commerce.
Call Kathy at 822-5555 with Silent Auction items.

Return Your Ballots!

Your board ballot has been mailed to you -- with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Please take a moment to mail it back. Thanks you!

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Report On September Chamber Meeting In Glennallen

Park & Betty Kriner Of American Village 
Honored By Greater Copper Valley Chamber  
For 45 Years Of Service In Growing  Glennallen's Infrastructure 

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DOT Shutting Chitina Maintenance Station, Limiting Thompson Pass To Winter Maintenance

Two DOT Maintenance Stations Affecting Copper Valley 
To Be Closed Due To State Budget Shortfall 

Chitina Maintenance Station.
(Photo, DOT)
Department of Transportation to close Chitina DOT Station
and run the Thompson Pass DOT Maintenance Station Only During the Winter.   

Luiken PR Banner

Meadow Bailey, (907) 451-2240,
ADOT&PF to close maintenance stations 
Roads will remain open, but maintenance of
Circle Hot Springs Airport will end
(FAIRBANKS, Alaska) – The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) will close or reduce operations at five maintenance stations beginning this month. The department also will cease maintenance at Circle Hot Springs Airport.
These closures result from declining operating budgets that are affecting all state agencies due to the lack of a sustainable fiscal plan. Since 2015, ADOT&PF has realized a $60 million general fund reduction to its budget; a 22 percent decrease. This impacts the department’s ability to maintain and operate roads, airports and ferries.

The following stations will be affected:
  • O’Brien Creek Maintenance Station, on the Taylor Highway, closing;
  • Chitina Maintenance Station, in Chitina, closing;
  • Birch Lake Maintenance Station, on the Richardson Highway, closing;
  • Central Maintenance Station, in Central, closing;
  • and Thompson Pass Maintenance Station, on the Richardson Highway near Valdez, will become a seasonal station, open in the winter only.
All roads will remain open, but it will take longer to plow snow and address ice conditions. Maintenance of the roads in the areas of the closed stations will become the responsibility of nearby stations. For example: When the Birch Lake station closes, the Delta Junction and Fairbanks stations will split the miles previously maintained by the Birch Lake station.

In addition, the department will end winter maintenance at Circle Hot Springs Airport as a result of the closure of Central Maintenance Station. Aircraft will still be allowed to take off and land at Circle Hot Springs Airport with appropriate use of landing equipment, but the department will not be lighting or plowing the runway.

Central Airport will remain lighted and plowed to service the communities of Central and Circle Hot Springs.

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities oversees 249 airports, 11 ferries serving 35 communities, 5,619 miles of highway and 720 public facilities throughout the state of Alaska. The mission of the department is to “Keep Alaska Moving through service and infrastructure.”

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