Ahtna Traditional Chief Fred Ewan Celebrates 100 Years Of Village Life In Huge Birthday Party

Ahtna Traditional Chief Fred Ewan
At His 100th Birthday Party In Gulkana Village.

Chief Fred Ewan Celebrates 100 Years 
At Gulkana Village Celebration 

Traditional Athabascan drumming at Gulkana Village August, 2016 Birthday Party
Celebrating 100 Years Of Life For Fred Ewan, Ahtna Traditional Chief

Traditional Ahtna Chief Fred Ewan, of Gulkana Village, was treated to a celebration bash
in honor of his 100th birthday on Saturday, August 20th at Gulkana Village Hall.

The hall was crowded with well wishers from as far away as Canada, Tanana and
Chickaloon. Huge vats of traditional moose head soup were served up, along with
chunks of moose, braised salmon steaks, and fry bread. 

Traditional drumming, singing, dancing and Athabascan-style river music entertained the group.

Friends and family members celebrate Ahtna Traditional Chief Fred Ewan's 100th Birthday on August 20th, 2016 at Gulkana Village Hall. 

Moose head soup in traditional pots.

Chief Ewan was treated to three huge birthday cakes -- all of which had a 
photograph of him built into the icing. 

Local residents gave speeches. Grandchildren paid their respects. And 
Fred Ewan even brought his two beloved puppies along, too, to enjoy the fun.

Traditional Ahtna Chief Fred Ewan, on his 100th birthday. 

Traditional Chief of the Ahtna, Fred Ewan, opens presents at
his August 2016 100th birthday celebration in Gulkana Village Hall.

Ahtna Chief Fred Ewan, with his family members assembled behind him,
and three huge 100th birthday cakes on the table in front of him.

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