Ahtna Discusses Tolsona Gas Project; Bruce Cain Elected Chamber President At 2015 Annual Meeting; Awards Given To Local Businesses

Dan Lee of Ahtna shows slide on Tolsona Gas Project.

Large Group Assembles At Chamber Annual Meeting In Glennallen To View Ahtna Presentation 
On Tolsona Gas Project

Up to 50 residents came to the Copper Valley Chamber Annual Meeting on October 28th in Glennallen at the Caribou Restaurant.

The guest speaker was Dan Lee, of Ahtna. He presented a slide show with graphics of where the Tolsona Gas project will occur, and asked for information from local suppliers who might be able to provide services to the project.

This will be a major project, with local vendors and workers expected to play a large role in providing gravel, lodging, water hauling, fuel, waste management, and similar services. If successful, the project is hoped to help reduce electricity costs in the Copper Valley and help sustain and enhance quality of life in the region.

Here's a look at Ahtna's rundown for potential opportunities:

• Local fuel suppliers, diesel fuel to run the drill rig and support equipment.
• Water for drilling, mud mixing, and cementing local service.
• Dumpsters for trash service, metal dumpster for recycle and oily waste dumpster.
• Potable water, sewage hauling, and port potties for rig site and storage pad.
• Light plants, 15-25 KW portable generators.
• Portable air heaters (6)
• Self-contained portable field offices.
• Portable security offices for site control (2)
• Heated water storage tanks 400 bbl (2)
• Local expediting service
• Equipment for road maintenance during drilling operations
• Miscellaneous items as needed from local stores, services.
• Local communications support, including telephone land line, cell service, internet,
2 way radios...
• Local welding & fabrication services.

Ahtna's vision is to create a potential of 500 or more jobs in the region to build the infrastructure
and 50 to 100 permanent jobs later. It hopes to develop and expand the community through the development of sustainable fuel resources.

If you are interested in this project, contact Daniel Lee, Ahtna Oil & Gas Development Manager, a 907-433-0708 or email him at



The Chamber Of Commerce presented a number of 2015 "Shout Out" Awards to businesses and people who are dedicated to improving the Copper Valley Community.

Here's a list of the awards:
Prince William Sound College: 
"Staying Power" Award for continuing to provide college courses in the Copper River Region.

Hub Of Alaska:
Alternative Energy Solutions Award for the Hub's placement of a large solar panel array that is meant to provide power for the Hub Gas Station, which stays open year-round, serving Copper Valley and traveling motorists.

Lake Louise Lodge:
Energy Solutions & Community Events Award for creative use of solar energy, and for initiative in providing the Copper Valley Community with interesting and exciting local events.

Glennallen True Value:
Investment Award for investing in significantly expanding the hardware store in Glennallen.

Sourdough Joe:
Spirit of 1776 Award for coordinating the big region-wide 4th of July Parade in Glennallen on July 4th, 2015.

Kenny Lake Community League:
Community Service Award for years of dedicated service to the rural farming community of Kenny Lake.

Posty's Trading Post:
Cultural Award for keeping Posty's open year round in Chistochina, providing a "lodgelike" atmosphere for locals, and providing a sales and distribution network that gives local Native artisans a forum for displaying, getting recognized for, and selling their traditional work.

Kenny Lake Mercantile:
Community Investment Award for expanding services to the community of Kenny Lake, and for continuing in the roadhouse tradition of caring for the needs of the surrounding community.

Copper River School District:
Innovation Award for a new and innovative 4 week/2 week program that brings intense studies, variety, and excitement into schooling.

Park Kriner:
Community Thank You Award for decades of commitment to the Copper River Valley and its people, as shown by the construction of a many of Glennallen's key facilities, including its supermarket, its gas stations, its major restaurant, and a large hotel.


The Greater Copper Valley Chamber has operated for 28 years through the use of a membership system. It does not have a city or government backing through bed taxes -- as many other chambers in Alaska do. The members of the Chamber are proud sponsors through their membership fees.

On a larger level, though, are "Sponsor Members." These members donate additional funds to keep the Chamber going.

The most prestigious, and generous, level is the "Copper Sponsor."

Copper Sponsors:
The Hub of Alaska, which generously donates the space for the Chamber office and visitor center, is a Copper Sponsor. So is Ahtna, Incorporated, another major sponsor, with a large, central display at the Visitor Center.

Silver Sponsors:
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, Copper Basin Sanitation, Copper Valley Telecom,
Denali Alaskan Insurance Company, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Bearfoot Travel Guides
& Valdez Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Bronze Sponsors:
Arctic Custom Guns, BP Alaska, First National Bank Alaska, Fisher Fuel,
NAPA Auto Parts, Red Eagle Lodge, Sourdough Joe's Custom Fishing Flies
& Wells Fargo Bank.

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