BLM, Old Paths Baptist Church, & American Legion Win Top Copper Valley 4th of July Awards

List Of Award-Winning Floats At The 2015 4th of July Parade In Glennallen

1st Place: BLM float included happy campers & canoeists. 
The Bureau of Land Management won 1st place -- $200 -- for its float in this year's 2015 Copper Valley 4th of July Community Parade.

In 2nd place was Old Paths Baptist Church, which won $175 worth of goods donated by Sourdough Joe's Fireworks & Flies.

The American Legion won 3rd place, with 4 $25 gift certificates. 

4th place was won by NHC Farrier Service, which features horses (big and small) goats and dogs.

In 5th place was "CEF".

6th place was awarded to Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve for its float. 

7th place went to the Gakona Volunteer Fire Department.

8th place was presented to Copper Valley IGA.

In the Antique Car Division…

1st place went to Warren Ulrich: $150 cash.
2nd place was $100 cash to Paul Lewis.
3rd place went to Mike Roscovius -- $75 cash.

The Copper Valley celebrated another excellent 4th of July this year, in a big parade
down the Glenn Highway Saturday morning.

There were over 20 entries in the parade, including two Trooper cars (one with a candy-throwing Trooper); the  American Legion; a "War Truck" driven by Mike Roscovius; Parade Marshal Fred Ewan in a 1966 red Ford Galaxy owned and driven by Warren Ulrich; several trucks from the Kenny Lake Volunteer Fire Department; the Gakona Volunteer Fire Department; Copper River EMS; Copper Valley IGA; Alyeska Ahtna Construction; Wrangell-St. Elias National Park; Copper Valley Electric; CEF ("Sent"); Paul Lewis in a Model A; Cross Road Medical Center; the Chinese Christian Church of Philadelphia; Jim Manning in a 1975 Ford LTD; Old Paths Baptist Church; NHC Farrier 
Service; Smokey Bear and Alaska State Forestry of Tazlina; the Glenn Rich Volunteer Fire Department, and the VPSO (Village Public Safety) officers of the region. 

The marchers represented many of the services and organizations in the Copper River Valley,
and was a chance for local people to show their acknowledgement and appreciation of their vital community efforts on our behalf. 

This year's event was coordinated by Joel Elrod, of Sourdough Joe's Fireworks and Flies.

He was assisted by the Alaska State Troopers, the Greater Copper Valley Chamber, KCAM (which broadcast the event),  DOT, Marnie Graham of  BLM, Copper River Record and  race judges Mechele Fassler and John Becker. Wrangell Mt. Bible conducted the games for kids. 

One major aspect of this annual event is the wildly successful Lions Club Salmon Bake. Hundreds of local people and visitors were  fed a huge meal of fresh-caught grilled Copper River salmon, corn on the cob, watermelon, coleslaw, baked beans, baked potatoes, and hot dogs with all the fixings. 

Helen Hui and her team from Chinese Christian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania hosted children's games and crafts.  Todd and Kim Roeske and Mt. Drum Lutheran Church in Copper Center led the field games for all ages.  

The Annual 4th of July Parade could not have occurred without the generosity of its participants, donors and supporters.
Prizes were donated by the following:
1. $200 dollar cash, Glennallen DMV
2. $175 dollar gift certificate, Sourdough Joe's Fireworks
3. 2 each $25 gift certificates, Glennallen True Value Hardware
4. $25 dollar gift certificate, New To You
5. $25 dollar gift certificate, Sourdough Joe's Fireworks
6. 2 each,  $90 value gift certificate,  Copper River EMS
7. $150 cash, first prize Antique/classic car div. Sourdough Joe's Fireworks
8.$100 cash  second prize, Antique/classic car division. Sourdough Joe's Fireworks
9. $75 cash, third prize, Antique /classic car division, Sourdough Joe's Fireworks
Kids' prizes: IGA Food Store, Glennallen, Glennallen BLM, Sparks General Store, First National Bank of Alaska, Glennallen branch.

(Photos: Linda Weld & Marnie Graham)

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