Google Is Dropping Copper Valley Telecom Email Services June 24th

Important Information: Please Read All The Following, and Contact Copper Valley Telecom If This Applies To You & Your Business

Copper Valley Telecom sent the following on May 27th:

Action Required for Email Migration

All email accounts will be migrated to a new platform as a result of Google ending support and availability of the platform we offer our customers. The date for the migration is yet to be determined. We've put together a 3 step guide for you to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. We also have detailed instructions to help you through each of these steps in our Transition Support Page.

  • Step 1 - Log in to your Webmail and review your data
  • Step 2 - Change to the new server names in your email software
  • Step 3 - Update your smartphones and tablets

We will be migrating your core email content (email, folders, forwarders, and contacts), but you will need to download any other content you have stored on Google that you would like to keep. We have included instructions for exporting most types of data in the Transition Support Page as well. For assistance with email settings, call 822-HELP or 834-HELP.Getting Ready for the Email Cutover

Copper Valley Telecom is moving email services away from Google to a new platform currently planned for the 24th of June. Please follow the simple steps below to ensure that your account information is backed up and your account will be synchronized to the new mail system.
Step 1 - Webmail
Log into your Google account's webmail service using our login page at Simply by logging in, your account will be synchronized with the new system and queued for a seamless migration of your email, email folders, contacts, and forwarders.
If you have any other data in there (Picassa picture albums, Calendars etc.), you should perform a Takeout.  Don't worry, it's really easy and we have a set of instructions to help you with this: 
Step 2 - Email Software (if applicable)
If you have any email client software (such as Outlook, Apple Mail, or Windows Mail), you need to update the settings to the new email server names.  When we change over to the new email service, the old Google server settings will not work any longer.  Don't worry, we have new settings that will work now (while you're still on Google) as well as after the conversion so you won't need to change them again.
It's a very simple change - you just need to change the server names and nothing else.  Instructions for most email programs are provided for you here:
Step 3 - Smartphones and Tablets (if applicable)
Google is both a software developer and the company that built the Android OS that is used on many smartphones.  The software they have built for both Apple iPhones (and other iOS devices), as well as Android devices are built to only work on Google accounts. Because of this, you need to update your devices away from this dependency and set them up with POP/IMAP access that will work on the new system.
After you've completed these three steps, you're ready!  Once we move to the new email platform, you'll be able to continue using these new settings and the new webmail login url.  

Why Are We Migrating?

Google has decided to discontinue the edition of their email and apps platform that was made available for ISPs like Copper Valley Telecom.
Because of their decision, we must move all of the email accounts on our to another platform before the 24th of June. 

Need Help With Settings?
822-HELP or 834-HELP

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