Come To The December 4th Chamber Meeting At Old Town Copper Center

Chamber Dinner Thursday December 4th 

Live Music For the Holidays! 

Social Hour: 5:30    Dinner: 6:30
Newly-elected legislators Jim Colver and
Dave Talerico will be there. 
Bring your questions & concerns about the
Copper River Valley to discuss with them in the social hour.


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Ho Ho Ho. Santa Is Coming December 13th To The Visitor Center!

Here Comes Santa Claus! Here Comes Santa Claus!

Want To Help Santa By Donating Your Time Or Some Cookies To Local Kids?

Here Are Some Of Santa's Helpers... Add Your Name Or Business To The List!

BP- Notebooks w/pen
Glennallen IGA- 6 dozen cookies
Youth Development Program/ Arnold Dade - Case of cups
Wells Fargo Bank/ LaShonda Huckabey- Mini marshmallows and stir sticks
Casa de la Arte/ Naomi Young- Cocoa and the use of coffee pot for hot water
Quitline/ Sheila Hurst - Candy canes
Frank Hunsucker, Wasilla - Transformer toys

Nell Ulrich
Sheila Hurst
Chantae Ulrich
Cathy Ulrich
...and Gene Tarver (as you know who)

Call Cathy Ulrich at 822-5555 at the Greater Copper Valley Chamber to ask how you can help Santa for the December 13th Community Event.

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Get A Full Page On The Chamber Website -- Only $100

Sign Up For A Full Ad Page On The Chamber Website

Get your ad on the Chamber website. A full page for only $100! 
Help fund Chamber staff.  

Send the following form in today! 

FAX TO: 822-5558

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Help Your Friends & Neighbors By Donating Food At The December 4th Meeting

Please donate canned goods for the Food Bank's Christmas Dinner.
Chamber Members! 
Help Your Neighbors This Holiday Season. 

Bring Canned Or Boxed Foods With 
You When You Come To The December 4th Meeting.

The Copper River Food Bank has plenty of main items for its holiday dinners.
But it still needs side dishes.

You can bring boxed or canned goods to..
the Chamber's holiday dinner meeting at
Old Town Inn Copper Center 
at 6 pm Thursday, December 4th.

Cathy Ulrich, at the Chamber, will take your donations to the Food Bank
to help our neighbors have a good Holiday meal.

Here's a list of foods still needed by the Food Bank
for local people...

Cranberry Sauce
Gravy Packets
Dinner Rolls
Drink Mixes

Thanks For Helping!
To find out more, or to leave donations at the Chamber office in Glennallen, call Cathy Ulrich at 822-5555.

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KCAM Celebrates 50 Years On The Air! Sharathon Has $25,000 Goal

Mt. Drum is featured on the KCAM website.

KCAM To Become An Independent Non Profit, Under A Local Board Of Directors

KCAM Radio, which has been owned by Alaska Bible College for the past 4 years, is becoming an independent entity. KCAM and Alaska Bible College have announced that a transition is in process to create an independent, nonprofit organization to operate KCAM under a local board of directors.

The name of the organization will be JOY Media Ministries in honor of founder Vince Joy. The Alaska Bible College Board believes that with strong support of the community and the planning that has been done, KCAM will continue to be a voice in the Valley providing information, services and Christian programs to all its listeners.

KCAM has been under the ownership of Alaska Bible College since 2011, and the transition to Joy Media Ministries will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2015.

The radio station began broadcasting in 1964 -- 50 years ago -- during the Great Alaska Earthquake. They're conducting a Sharathon, with a $25,000 goal, for equipment upgrades and transition costs.

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Copper Valley Telecom Acknowledged In "Smart Rural Community" Summit At White House

Copper Valley Telecommunications Officially Recognized As "Smart" At White House Event At "Summit" Meeting

Who wouldn't want to go to the White House and be labelled "smart?" This is the White House  "Summit" Meeting.

Kenny Lake School & Copper River School District Singled Out In National Rural Broadband Award

It's something we all knew, but who would guess that others knew too? Copper Valley Telecom, which gets its name from the Copper Valley, but which also serves Valdez and small communities in Prince William Sound, has been named a National "Smart Rural Community" for its innovative cross-industry use of broadband applications for community growth and strength.

Dave Dengel, Copper Valley Telecom's Chief Executive Officer, called out the Copper River School District for its leadership in the Copper Valley, using telecommunications. He honored the school district at a November 6th forum at the Fireweed Restaurant in Glennallen, in which local businesses learned about new technology and 4G LTE upgrades.

"Organizations and businesses within our communities may not realize how far ahead of many parts of rural America they are in terms of how they use broadband and networking to conduct business, serve their constituencies and customers, and improve the quality of life for residents of our region," Dengel said in a press release.

Many Copper Valley, Valdez & Prince William Sound businesses use broadband to compete. Within the Copper Valley Telecom service area, the award noted use of broadband in the remote coastal village of Tatitlek, where the clinic is tied to larger facilities, so health aides and patients can directly work with physicians. In Kenny Lake, the library uses internet connections for a variety of reasons, including work, court contacts, and finances. And at the Copper River School District, broadband allows students have a far wider educational experience than if it did not exist. 

The award was given by NTCA at the National Broadband Association Fall Conference in September. The White House event was a summit of award winners. The NTCA represents 900 independent community-based telecommunications companies. The Copper River Valley-Valdez-Prince William Sound was one of 13 communities in the U.S. and Canada that was recognized this year. 

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New Signs Will Welcome Travelers Into The Copper River Valley

The Copper Valley's 25-Year Old Signs Will Be Replaced
"Welcome To The Copper Valley" Sign.
At least 25 years ago, the Copper River Valley Chamber of Commerce erected powder-blue signs, welcoming motorists into the region. There were signs on each of the valley's major roads.

Today, only the signs at Tiekel -- on the Lower Richardson -- and Meiers Lake, on the Upper Richardson, remain. This is the sign at Tiekel.

The Chamber of Commerce is working on updating the signs once again, and has secured funding for the project.

It's an inexact science, determining where "Copper River Country" is. Especially since the region is unincorporated. This is a 1987 version by David Mudrick, for the Copper River Country Journal.
 (c) 1987-2014, Copper River Country Journal

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28th Chamber Annual Meeting Celebrates "A Year Of Building"

A Busy Year At Copper Valley Chamber Of Commerce 

The Wrangell Mountains as you drive down the Glenn Highway. 
The Greater Copper Valley Chamber of Commerce celebrated 28 years of uninterrupted operations. The region's small, volunteer-run organization has kept its visitor center open, without fail, all summer long, for all that time. 

This is an unusual achievement, culminated this summer with the renovation of the visitor center, and an increase in travelers, coming in to see the upgraded Chamber member tourism displays of services offered in the Copper Valley.

The meeting was well-attended, and held at the Fireweed Grill (formerly the Caribou.) There was an excellent dinner of baked chicken and mashed potatoes.

Guest speaker at the meeting was Laurine Regan, the new executive director at the Valdez Convention & Visitors Bureau. Valdez is interested in working with the Copper Valley to promote the Glenn & Richardson Highways as "Alaska's Adventure Corridor."

The Copper Valley Chamber has had an exceptionally busy year. 

Here is a rundown of events:

The Year In Review: Greater Copper Valley Chamber Of Commerce's 2014 List Of Activities, Projects & Events

• Annual Christmas dinner at Brown Bear Roadhouse.

• Moved into Ahtna Building office for the winter.

• Began renovation of Visitor Center in December, 2013.

Tore down existing panels and cleaned Visitor Center to walls.
Remade the office with a ceiling, walls.
Created a wall along the back to created a new water room space
Built a floor-to-ceiling wall on the north end of the Visitor Center.
Rewired and put in energy-efficient lighting in the Visitor Center.
Put switches in walls and lights in office ceiling.
Put in a clean-out and replaced pipe under the Visitor Center.
Installed electric lines under the Visitor Center for podium panels.
Bought and installed sub floor plywood and new flooring.
Installed wood base board molding along walls.
Designed and built new panel displays along the back of the Visitor Center.
Installed electric outlets for back panels.
Designed and built log-finished center “podium” displays for middle.
Reinstalled cabinets with new wood counter tops.
Installed water tank, pump, water lines, heater and bathroom fixtures.
Removed old double door and replaced it with a single door.
Built windows on sides of doors.
Brand new ramp, steps and railings for entrance to the Visitor Center.
Painted door and window trim.
Painted outside porch wall and porch rails, roof supports and trim.

• Great Russian January Dinner at Tonsina River Lodge.

• “Liars Dinner “ at Club 96 Restaurant in Old Town Copper Center on February 27th.

• Gas Line Dinner with Larry Persily at Tolsona Lake Resort in March.

• “Get Ready for Summer” Meeting at Lake Louise Lodge in April.

• Linda Padie and Naomi Young raised money for community sign project.

• The City of Valdez donated $10,500 so new steps, a porch and a handicap

ramp could be installed in time for the grand opening of the Visitor Center.

• Over the course of several work days, Naomi Young, Linda Padie and John

Becker along with others, put in the displays and panels so the Visitor Center
could open on time.

• Had a Grand Opening for the Visitor Center on May 3rd.

• Wells Fargo employees ran a Hot Dog Feed and John Becker and Lynn Graham

organized a Hockey Club Car Wash with the Kenny Lake Fire Department
while local fiddlers and musicians entertained the community.

• Copper River School District Presentation at Gakona Lodge for our May Meeting.

 Greg and Jo Boyd organized, got prizes and ran the 4th of July Parade.

• LaShonda Huckabey organized and ran the 4th of July Raffle with help from

John Becker.

• We kept the Visitor Center open 7 days a week from May 15th - September

15th. We had more visitors than ever, with the count on many days exceeding
300 people. But best of all, people went all the way to the back of the room and
spent much more time in the Visitor Center. Increasing the amount of time people
spend in the Visitor Center was a primary goal of the redesign.

• In July, the Governor approved the Copper Valley Heat and Sign grant.

• In August, we hosted a luncheon for Senator Lisa Murkowski.

• In September, we had our second annual Chili Cook-off.

• In October, Bruce Cain organized a “Meet the Candidates Night” in cooperation

with the Copper River School District. We had a good showing of eleven candidates
running for office and many members of the public. Bruce not only
organized the event with Naomi Young and Gary Wilford, but served as the
night’s moderator.

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Eleven Candidates Spoke At The Chamber "Meet The Candidates" 16 Years Ago, Too!

Who Was Running For Office In This Region Back In 1998? 

1998 Chamber Meet The Candidates
story in Copper River Country Journal.   
The Chamber of Commerce held a Meet the Candidates Forum this year. But, it wasn't the first time. And it wasn't the first time there was a big turnout of candidates.

Back in 1998, 16 years ago,  eleven candidates for office came to the Copper Valley for a Chamber of Commerce-sponsored "Meet The Candidates" forum. Just like this year, 2014.

Questions were submitted by the audience, and candidates had to answer in 3 minutes. Back then, questions included the urban-rural divide, subsistence, and education funding. The following candidates came to the meeting: Bert Cottle, John Harris, Georgianna Lincoln, Anne Mauer, Irene Nicholia, Wayne Ross, Don Smith, Scott Smith, Sylvia Sullivan, Phyllis Tate and Ed Varnes.

It was a heavy field of candidates, overall, in 1998, with very active competition on all fronts in the major parties, and strong opposition from splinter parties, too -- especially the Green Party.

The candidates who were running for State Senate District R: Bert Cottle, D, Valdez; Scott Smith, R, Valdez; Georgianna Lincoln, D, Rampart; Harley Olberg, R, Delta Junction, and Phyllis Tate, R, Fairbanks.

House District 35 had two Valdezians running, both Republicans: John Harris and Ed Varnes.  Anne Mauer, R, of Delta Junction, and Thomas Van Brocklin, D, of Cordova, also ran for House 35.

House District 36 saw incumbent Irene Nicholia, D, of Tanana, opposed by Carl Morgan, R, of Aniak.

Back then, the people running for governor were Nels Anderson, Jr, Tony Knowles, Brad Snowden and Don Wright, all Democrats. Alaskan independents running for governor were Robert Gigler, Sandy Haldane, and Syliva Sullivan. Running as Republicans were John Lindauer, Wayne Ross and Robin Taylor. The run for governor was a crowded field. In the Green party was Jim Sykes.

The lt. governor slot had a pack of people running too: Dan Winn and Larry Buchholz in the Green Party; Republicans Virginia Collins, Doyle Holmes, Don Smith and Jerry Ward, and Democrat, Fran Ulmer.

A lot of people ran for U.S. Senator in 1998: Jeffrey Gottlieb in the Green Party; Bill Hale and Frank Murkowski as Republicans; Scott Hohlhaas, Libertarian, and Joe Sonneman and Frank Vondersaar as Democrats.

Don Young, Republican, ran against a bunch of people: Jim Dore, another Republican; Jim Duncan and Stu Pechek, both Republicans, and Johnny Grames, in the Green Party.

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