Chamber Celebrates Halloween With CVEA Kid Outreach Program

Cathy and Chantae Ulrich welcomed kids to the Copper Valley Chamber
Halloween Open House at the Visitor Center in Glennallen.
The event was coordinated with Sharon Crisp of Copper Valley Electric Association.  

Yowee! That's Scarey!

Hey! Can you see the Wrangells
from here? Is there a gas
station anywhere?  
The Greater Copper Valley Chamber offered up a frightening Halloween at the new Chamber offices. On hand was a levitating witch, a crawling ghoul, an upside down mummy -- and, to keep it all under some form of control,  visitor center manager Cathy Ulrich and her daughter, Chantae.

There were plenty of opportunities this Halloween for Copper Valley kids to get treats. Sharon Crisp, of Copper Valley Electric, coordinated the Halloween events in both Glennallen and Valdez.

Welcome to the Greater Copper Valley Chamber Of Commerce!  

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Incredible Findings Of Ancient Native Items Preserved In Ice Sheets -- Topic Of October 30th Presentation

Archaeologist To Speak On Rare Finds Of Artifacts In Six Wrangell-St. Elias "Ice Patches." Including A 650-Year Old Native Athabascan Basket.

Piece of ancient birchbark basket from ice field, with sewing holes visible.
James Dixon, an archaeologist who worked for ten years in Wrangell-St. Elias Park, has found some incredible tools and artifacts in six melting ice patches in Wrangell-St. Elias. These include caribou antler tools, a possible cache pit, evidence of bow and arrow and dart hunting, "projectile points", a copper projectile -- and, incredibly, a fragment of an ancient birchbark basket. The basket was found along the edge of a mountain ice field. Dixon and local resident, Ruth Ann Warden (granddaughter of Harry & Ruth Johns both of whom were prominent Copper Valley Ahtna historians and cultural experts) were both at the remote, icy site when the basket was discovered.

Copper arrowhead.
Also found were arrow shafts, up to 850 years old -- or back to 1150 AD, which was the start of the Middle Ages in Europe. The shafts were long and straight and made of white spruce. 
The basket is estimated to be at least 650 years old, which dates back to before Columbus.

The presentation will be held at the Ahtna Cultural Center, on the campus of Wrangell-St. Elias Park in Copper Center, Mile 106.8 Richardson Highway on October 30th.

There will be a preview of the exhibit from 2 to 4, with an opening of the "Ice Patch" exhibit and an Artifact Coming-Home Ceremony. James Dixon will be on hand to explain his findings. The exhibit features interpretive panels, podcasts, and a display of artifacts. A copper point and carved antler shaft will remain on long-term display at the Ahtna Cultural Center.
Call 822-3535 for more information.

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Mark Your Calendar For The Annual Meeting Thursday, October 30th

Not Just One -- But THREE -- Chamber Activities In October

Mark Your Calendar! 

The Greater Copper Valley Chamber has three events this month.

On Friday Night October 17th at the Glennallen High School
we will have a "Meet the Candidates Night" with a meet & greet starting at 5 pm in the commons area.

It will be followed by a "Question and Answer Forum" at 6 pm in the auditorium 
with another chance to talk to the candidates in the Commons following  the Forum.

On Thursday night, October 30th, at 6 pm we will have our Annual Chamber Dinner at the Fireweed Grill, formerly the Caribou, with election of officers, prizes and a silent auction as well as an update of the progress the Chamber is making.

The dinner menu is: 1/2 baked chicken with mash potato and gravy, vegetables, salad, dessert and drink.

On Friday afternoon, October 31st, from 3 pm to 5 pm there will be a family Halloween Trick-or-Treat at the Chamber visitor center, at the Hub in Glennallen.

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Eleven Candidates Tell Copper Valley People Why To Vote For Them At Chamber Forum

Candidates for Huse Districts 6 and 9 and Senate Districts C & E in Alaska.
Candidates for House Districts 6 and 9, Senate Districts C & E, Governor & U.S. Senate in Glennallen, Alaska.
From Left: Dave Talerico, Wilson Justin, Click Bishop, Pamela Goode, Jim Colver, Mabel Wimmer, Warren Keogh, Mike Dunleavy, Bob Walker (for his brother Bill Walker), Care Clift, Mark Fish & Moderator & Event Coordinator Bruce Cain, Treasurer of the Copper Valley Chamber. 

Copper Valley Residents Listen To Candidates Talk About Their Backgrounds, Energy and Business Plans and Priorities

An audience of 60 people "met the candidates" at a Copper Valley Chamber-sponsored forum in the Glennallen High School Auditorium on October 17th, 2014. For an hour before the event, candidates met community members, passed out pins and cards, and talked about their campaigns in the High School Commons. The Fireweed Cafe provided coffee and refreshments.

Candidates for Districts 6, 9, C & E meet Copper Valley Voters at Chamber forum.
Copper Valley people meet candidates at GHS Commons.
During the forum in the auditorium, each candidate was given 2 minutes to answer each of four questions. They were asked about their background and why they were running; what their ideas were about reducing the cost of energy in the Copper Valley; their ideas about business growth in rural communities like the Copper Valley, and their primary priority if elected.

Eleven candidates participated. They included Wilson Justin, Democrat, of Chistochina, who is being opposed by Dave Talerico, Republican, of Healy. They are both vying for the House District 6 seat. House District 6 is a massive district that includes the eastern Copper Valley, sweeps up past Delta, and curls over Fairbanks and off into Athabascan River country, taking the Denali Park area, and Healy, with it.

Jim Colver, Republican, Mabel Wimmer, Democrat of Mendeltna Creek, and Pamela Goode of the Constitution Party, all spoke about their bid for the seat in the more compact House District 9, which includes Glennallen and points west in the Copper Valley.

Glennallen Commons:  Meet The Candidates.
Republican Senator Click Bishop of House District C (who is opposed by Democrat Dorothy Shockley) also spoke. Dorothy Shockley sent a written statement, which was read aloud by Chamber moderator Bruce Cain, who coordinated the event.

Both Senator Mike Dunleavy, Republican, and Warren Keogh, who is non-affiliated, were there, to discuss their desire to win the Senate District E seat.

Governor Sean Parnell (Republican), Bill Walker, non affiliated, and Care Clift, Libertarian, were all invited. Walker sent his brother, Bob, to present his views. Care Clift was there. Parnell could not come.

Also not there were the 3 persons running for Lt. Governor -- Mayor Dan Sullivan, Republican, Byron
Mallott, non-affiliated, and Andrew Lee, Libertarian.

Senator Mark Begich, Democrat, (the other) Dan Sullivan, Republican, and Mark Fish, Libertarian, all of whom are running for U.S. Senate, were also invited. Mark Fish gave a presentation. Begich sent a message, answering the Chamber's questions, and it was read aloud by Bruce Cain. 

None of the U.S. House candidates -- Don Young, Republican; Forest Dunbar, Democrat, or Jim McDermott, Libertarian, could attend.

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Bring Your Kids To The Chamber Offices For Treats On Halloween From 3 to 5 pm. And Visit 23 Other Glennallen Businesses!

Come To The Copper Valley Chamber With Your Ghosts, Goblins & Fairy Princesses During CVEA's Glennallen "Spooktacular" & Parade

The Copper Valley Chamber, working with Copper Valley Electric Association, is sponsoring a Halloween treat giveaway at the Chamber Visitor Center.

The Copper Valley Chamber of Commerce will participate in CVEA’s Cooperative Month Halloween Trick or Treat Parade/Glennallen Spooktacular on Halloween night from 3-5 pm. Stop by the Chamber. 

After you’ve visited us at the Chamber of Commerce, take your tricks and get your treats at 23 other downtown businesses and don’t forget your FREE gift when you stop by CVEA! Check out the list of participants shown here. 

This is a chance to get some great treats, some black and orange balloons, and to take part in a downtown parade! 

The visitor center is right next to the Hub in downtown Glennallen, at the junction of the Glenn and Richardson Highways.

Treats will be distributed from 3 to 5 pm. Come on in, and look around! Call Cathy Ulrich at the Chamber at 822-5555 if you have any questions.

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Chamber Invites State Candidates To Forum On October 17th At GHS Auditorium

Come & Meet Your Candidates 
Running For State Office! 

Copper Valley Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a candidates forum on October 17, 2014 at 6:00 PM at the Glennallen High School Auditorium.  The public is invited.  

We have invited house and senate candidates from house districts 9 and 6 and senate districts C and E as well as statewide candidates for Governor, US Senate and US House of Representatives.

Contact information is Bruce Cain, Treasurer, Copper Valley Chamber of Commerce.  Email is or message phone with Cathy at the Chamber of Commerce office 822-5555 during business hours.


Program For Upcoming Forum.

List Of Invited Candidates

House District 6Wilson JustinDemocrat
House District 6David TalericoRepublican
House District 9Jim ColverRepublican
House District 9Mabel WimmerDemocrat
House District 9Pamela GoodeAlaska Constitution Party
Senate District CSenator Click BishopRepublican
Senate District CDorothy ShockleyDemocrat
Senate District ESenator Mike DunleavyRepublican
Senate District EWarren KeoghNon-Affiliated
GovernorGovernor Sean ParnellRepublican
Lt GovernorMayor Dan SullivanRepublican
GovernorBill WalkerNon-Affiliated
Lt. GovernorByron MallottNon-Affiliated
GovernorCare CliftLibertarian
US SenateSenator Mark BegichDemocrat
US SenateDan SullivanRepublican
US SenateMark FishLibertarian
US HouseDon YoungRepublican
US HouseForest DunbarDemocrat
US HouseJim McDermottLibertarian

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October 4th: No Denying It Any More. Here Comes The Copper River Winter!

Snowfall on October 4th in the Copper Valley. Time to take down the greenhouse.
The summer of 2014 was a relatively cold one for the Copper River Valley. There was frost in the valley during each of the summer months: June, July and August.

On October 4th, three to four inches of snow came down, marking the official beginning of "winter."

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