Thumbs Up For The Visitor Center! Satisfied Travelers Write To Polly Egger

Polly Egger with traveler at the visitor center.

Copper Valley Visitor Center Staffer's Emails Show How Important Local Outreach Is For Alaska Travelers

We all know how we remember and treasure our own trips Outside, or to Hawaii, or Mexico. Or even around Alaska. Travel is important, and the memories we bring back, and the people we meet, keep us going throughout the winter months.

Paulette Egger, who worked at the Copper Valley Chamber visitor information center this summer, gathered some of her emails together that were sent by people passing through.

Here they are:

Hi Paulette! So great to hear from you! We both REALLY enjoyed meeting you! You made our rainy day MUCH brighter  And we really appreciated the warm welcome you gave us. If you ever need a reference for anything, please let us know. Roel and I chatted for a while after we left about how there would be fewer corporations and businesses struggling out there is there were more people running things like you. Have a wonderful day and who knows... perhaps we'll see you somewhere else in the world!
Warmest regards,
Azure & Roel
We keep the best memory of our stay in Glennallen and of you in particular. You are the most pleasant and interesting person we met during our trip in Alaska.
You have a talent to welcome and help the visitors who come to you in a very special and warm way. Thank you!

We had a good trip back home  just in time to see our daughter visiting from Eastern Canada. In a couple of days, a young Argentinian guy we met in  Anchorage should come and visit too. We will share our memories .We hope you have a good end of summer  and wish you lots of happy visitors.
With gratitude for your kindness,

Hi Paulette. It was so nice to see you again. Thanks to you we have had 2 extraordinary days being wowed hundred ho times. We love the drive to Paxton and could not believe to see such beauty on tne Denali highway. We camped at tangle foot lakes. It was cold and windy but we were fun. Today was incredible with full sunshine on our way to delta junction. It was an incredible drive. It took awhile to get here as we stopped so many times to admire the beauty in front of our eyes and take pictures. Thank you for making us aware of this fabulous area. 

Pol & Lucie 

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Find Out Where Your Voting District Is. Are You Voting With Valdez? Or With Denali Park?

See The Map Of Our Voting Districts At The Fireweed Grill

District 9-E is relatively compact. District 6-C heads off into the north and west, rounding over the top of Fairbanks.

There are two voting districts in the Copper River Valley.

District 9 is the House District, and E is the Senate District of the western part of the Copper Valley, and adjacent communities.

The eastern part of the Copper Valley includes House Seat 6 and Senate Seat C.

Although everyone in the Copper Valley pretty much agrees on what "Copper Valley" means, these two voting districts split the region in half, mainly following the Richardson Highway.

This follows a longstanding decision by the Division of Elections to keep the region from being able to vote as a unit. Over the past few decades, people in the Copper Valley have voted with Cooper Landing, in the Kenai; Lake Iliamna (where Governor Jay Hammond lived); much of the Iditarod Trail -- and, until very recently, the Gold Rush coastal city of distant Nome.

Now there's a new plan, in which the Copper Valley continues to practically define the term "to gerrymander."

Half the Copper Valley votes with Valdez, parts of Fairbanks, and areas very near Palmer.
An 1812 Massachusetts governor named Elbridge Gerry cut
up his state in illogical voting areas, with one intact and unified,
and the other arching up and over it. Political cartoonists thought
the new district looked like a salamander, so they called it
"a Gerrymander." 

The other half votes with Eagle, Venetie, the northern Fairbanks North Star Borough, and places like Manley Hot Springs, Stevens Village -- and even Denali National Park.

For many Copper Valley residents, we're far more likely to vote with somebody hundreds of miles away, across trackless mountains and tundra, than with our nearest neighbors across the street. And highly unlikely to be able to join each other, through the political process, in one voice.  As a community.

To see this new voting map close-up, come to the Chili Feed on September 25th, at the American Legion Hall at 6 pm.

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Mechele Fassler Wins Chamber Chili Cook-Off At American Legion

Chili Cook-Off At American Legion A Success

The Chamber Chili Cook-Off was a big success. Guests from Cantwell, the westernmost part of the Ahtna Region, came to the potluck dinner. These included Eleanor Dementi and Roy Tansy, Sr.

The cook-off was won by Mechele Fassler. Here's her secret recipe:

1 1/2 lbs. hamburger
1 cup Amber or Brown Ale or red wine
1 large onion
2-3 cloves garlic
1 red & 1 green pepper
2 more veggies you like
1 1/2 teaspoons cayenne
1 1/2 teaspoons oregano
1 tablespoon chili powder
1 teaspoon cumin
3 cups chicken broth
1 28 oz can stewed tomatoes
3 cups canned beans of your choice

To make chili:
Brown meat and set aside. In same pan, add some oil, and over medium heat soften onions and other veggies. Add garlic last. Add seasonings. Stir about 30 seconds.

Deglaze pan with ale or wine. Add broth, meat and veggies. Cook 45-50 minutes. Add tomatoes and beans. Further season to taste.

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