Althea Hughes Of Gakona Gets Award For Lifetime Of Community Service

Longtime volunteer Althea Hughes, with her husband, Ken,
 receiving volunteer award at Gakona Lodge Chamber meeting. 
The Greater Copper Valley Chamber of Commerce awarded a commendation to Althea Hughes of Gakona -- for a lifetime of community service in the Copper River Valley. Althea came to the Copper Valley, with her husband, Ken, over 50 years ago.  They had three children -- Kenny, Randy and Robin.

The Hugheses live in Gakona, where they first settled as schoolteachers at Gakona School. After that, they went into the gift shop, service station and hotel business for several years. With their partners, Fred and Betty Lappi, they built the Glenn-Rich at the corner of the Glenn and Richardson in Gakona.

At that time, which was back in the late 60’s, the Glenn-Rich Hotel was on the route to Denali Park. People drove to Denali by way of the Denali Highway. There was no Parks Highway back then.

Here are some of the organizations that Althea has been involved in over the years: 
Gakona Lodge
She was on the 1st Copper River School District Board in the late 1970’s. She has served on the Cross Road Medical Center Board, and the advisory council for Prince William Sound Community College. She’s involved in the Christian Woman’s Club, and is currently on the Senior Citizen Board. There’s no board for the migratory birds coming through the region, but Althea has been involved with the migratory bird count since it started in 1996. She was a board member of the Cooperative Extension State Advisory  Council, and she’s been a longtime supporter of the Greater Copper Valley  Chamber, pitching in as a volunteer when needed at various events, behind the scenes, and at the visitor center.

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FLASH! Tell Your Customers: Always Gas Up When Heading Onto Long Roads -- Like The Road To McCarthy

Travel Alert --  
Art Koeninger, of Spirit Mountain Artworks in Chitina, wants the members of the Greater Copper Valley Chamber to warn travelers to be sure to gas up before jumping onto one of the wilder highways that fringe the Copper River Valley.

The Gilahina Trestle on the McCarthy Road. 
Specifically, Art is concerned about the stretch through Chitina and on to McCarthy & Kennicott. He wants people to gas up by the time they reach the Kenny Lake Mercantile, which is at Mile 7.5 of the Edgerton Highway. There is no gas in Chitina. (Though there is the possibility of a future gas station.)

Please help travelers by cautioning them on distances and the need to pre-plan. Local people in the more isolated communities are often the ones who have to come to the aid of unknowingly unprepared travelers, even though they, too, have few resources, and are busy with their own work and families, yet have to help those who run out of gas.

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Chamber Will Be Sending Out Your New Membership Certificate To Post On Your Wall

You'll be getting your Greater Copper Valley Chamber of Commerce membership certificate in the mail soon. It features a terrific photo from the Glennallen BLM office, of a loon, by Jeremy Matlock.

If you haven't signed up yet for this summer, please call 822-5555, or use the form on this web blog to send the Chamber a message so someone can contact you.

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Chamber Dinner Meeting Was Held May 29th At Gakona Lodge

The May 29th Chamber Meeting was held at Gakona Lodge, on the banks of the Gakona River.

            Steak & Shrimp
            Wild Rice Pilaf
            Caesar Salad
            Coffee, Tea or Lemonade.

$28.00 price.

Speakers were Copper River School District Superintendent Michael Johnson and School Board President James Fields. Althea Hughes of Gakona received an award for her decades of community service. She served on the first Copper River School Board, in the late 1970's, along with: Joe Roche, Paul Weir, Sam Aguiar, Mark Troutman, Lincoln Smith and Pat Hunt. 

Gakona Lodge is located on the Tok Cutoff, beside the old Valdez-to-Eagle Trail. The trail used to pass behind the lodge, between the building and the river.

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Copper Valley Chamber Gets New Summer Staff

This summer, the Greater Copper Valley Chamber of Commerce has hired two staff members to work at the newly remodeled Copper Valley Visitor Center at the Hub in Glennallen.

Cathy Ulrich, daughter of Warren and Nell Ulrich of Gakona, will be the new Visitor Center Manager. Paulette Egger, whose husband works for Copper Valley Electric, will be the new Assistant Manager.

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First Annual Spring Chamber Picnic, Car Wash, Fiddle Concert & Get Together Was A Big Hit

Forty cars were washed and 250 hot dogs eaten at the First Annual Spring Chamber Picnic.
People from all over the Copper Valley came to the Chamber Visitor Center.

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Safer, Wider New Stairs Have Been Completed At The Visitor Center

Completely new deck, wide stairs and safe railings. 

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May 3rd Open House Was Held At The Visitor Center In Glennallen

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 
Open House At New Copper Valley Visitor Center 

There was an open house at the newly renovated visitor center on May 3rd.

Ready, Set, Go!
A Completely Renovated Visitor Center Awaits The Summer --
And Your Advertising To The Traveling Public!

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