The Copper Valley 2016 4th Of July Parade: SEE PHOTOS HERE!

2016 4th Of July Parade 
Was A Smash Hit In Glennallen, Alaska! 

The Kluti-Kaah Bikers won first place in the 2016
Copper Valley 4th of July Parade, Bike Division 

Heavy rains drenched the Copper Valley on the night of July 3rd, 2016. But that didn't stop huge crowds from turning out for the annual 4th of July Parade.

The event drew 25 floats and organizations, and was one of the largest ever held, with crowds of people down on the Glenn Highway, between Glennallen School and Pinneo Park.

The road was blocked by State Troopers for about an hour, as locals marched along the route, throwing candy. The event was coordinated with the Greater Copper Valley Chamber of Commerce. Joel Elrod was parade coordinator.

Here's a look at the event:
Longtime resident Park Kriner was the 2016 4th of July Parade Grand Marshal. 

Antique Auto Mushers Of Alaska Came To Glennallen's Parade

Scott Hulse and his Silver Cloud, in Glennallen 4th of July Parade. 

A 1977 Volkswagen Convertible owned by Howard and Debbie Hansen. 
1938 Classic Chrysler, owned by the Cresap Family.
A 1938 Chrysler, owned by Tom, Marci and Sophie Cresap, won first place in the Antique Car Division. Scott and Sheryl Hulse's 1958 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud came in second. 

Local antique vehicle owners included Mike Roscovius, with a large truck, Martin Finnesand, of Chitina, who came in third with his 1965 powder-blue Mustang, Paul Lewis, and Nell and Warren Ulrich.

Martin Finnesand won 3rd place in a 1965 powder-blue Mustang.
It was hotter than a two-dollar pistol. It was the fastest thing around!
Long and lean, every young man's dream, she turned every head in town.

Mike Roscovius driving a 1960 White Motor Company U.S. Army truck.

Winners Of 4th of July Parade


1st Place: 1938 Chrysler
2nd Place: Rolls Royce
3rd Place: 1965 Mustang, Martin Finnesand


1st Place: Crowley & Copper River Wrestling Club
2nd Place: Cross Road Medical Center, celebrating 60 years
                 Old Paths Baptist Church
                  Rural Alaska Insurance Agency

3rd Place: Tolsona Wilderness Campground
       Alyeska Pipeline
      CBS Services


1st Place: National Park Service
    Bureau of Land Management


1st Place: Kluti Kaah Bikers
2nd Place: Chinese Christian Church
3rd Place: The Mailly Family Horses


Mike & Sue Roscovius in a 1960 U.S. Army Truck

Antique Auto Mushers of Alaska, featuring Scott hHulse in a 1958 Silver Cloud Rolls Royce, Howard and Debbie Hansen in a 1977 VW Convertible, and Tom, Carci and Sophie Cresap in a 1938 Chrysler.

Rural Alaska Insurance Agency, represented in Glennallen by Falon Mills.

Crowley Petroleum and Copper River Wrestling Club, led by Chad 

The Chinese Christian Church & Center of Philadelphia, using bikes and a home pulled wagon, and working at the Native Bible Conference. 

The Bureau of Land Management, in a "love your lands" float.

Copper River Native Association and the anti-tobacco program. 
Copper Valley Electric Coop. 

Jim Manning, driving a 1975 Ford, classic LTD.

Bruce Cain, driving a 1994 Taurus "Skunk"

Paul Lewis in a 1931 Ford Model A which was produced between 1928 and 1931. 5 million were originally manufactured, and a stunning 1 million are still i operation. 

Copper River Forestry, and Smokey Bear.

Tolsona Wilderness Campground, now under new ownership by the Pusch Family.

The Mailly Family horses.

The National Park Service.

The local American Legion, in a truck featuring 3 generations of American warrior-patriots. 

Old Paths Baptist Church of Glennallen. 

CBS Services, with a classic outhouse float. 

The Kluti-Kaah Bikers of Copper Center. 

Alyeska Pipeline Service Company. 

Special Note: Park Kriner of Glennallen was the Parade Grand Marshal.  KCAM provided coverage. Joel Elrod coordinated the event. The Lions Club provided a community Salmon Bake at Pinneo Ball Park. 

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