Gotta Go? Well, You're Just Gonna Have To Hold It. State Of Alaska Leaves Travelers To Fend For Themselves.

Public Roadside Bathrooms Not Open In Copper Valley 

Update On This Blog: See Story Regarding The State Changing Its Mind, & Opening The Bathrooms & Waysides By July 4th  Click This Link>UPDATE ON WAYSIDES

It's a long and lonely road up and down the Glenn and Richardson Highways. A road that local people know -- throughout the winter -- only too well as being without outdoor bathroom facilities during the colder part of the year.

But, this summer, the Copper Valley hadn't opened its toilets to tourists, either, throughout the warm, balmy month of May. The "Closed For The Season" signs hadn't been taken down. The doors remained locked. And there were no dumpsters where they usually are.

Cement barriers blockading Billy Mitchell rest area and public toilets
on the Richardson Highway to Valdez: June 18th
Mendeltna Creek Wayside Toilet, May 30th, 2015

June 16th, 2015: Public toilet at Mentasta, Alaska, with solid cement barricades and "Road Closed" sign.

In the Mat-Su Valley, down the road at Matanuska Glacier, the outdoor bathrooms were open and in use. Outdoor bathrooms on the Parks Highway remain open. But Copper Valley bathrooms -- including that one at Eureka on the Glenn Highway -- are closed. 

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