Lively Discussion At Gakona Lodge As Copper Valley People Meet With Murkowski Representative, John Harris

Kevin Sweeney of Murkowski's Office & Ahtna Lobbyist John Harris Meet With Copper Valley Chamber Members At Gakona Lodge Chamber Dinner 

Lovely Gakona Lodge -- one of the last of the old Richardson Highway roadhouses -- was the site of the May 28th Copper Valley Chamber of Commerce Dinner.

Gakona Lodge was the site of the Chamber Dinner in May. 

A number of out-of-region visitors came: Including Mike Williams & Leigh Coates, of Vertical Solution Helicopters of Valdez (who helicoptered into the Gakona lawn); John Harris, the lobbyist for Ahtna, Inc. and former local legislator, and Kevin Sweeney, the Anchorage representative from U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski's office. 

Every person present was asked to write down a concern they had about the state budget.The concerns included education cuts, roadwork, EMS programs, and cuts to forestry programs. Harris presented detailed descriptions on the current budget shortfall and possible solutions. 

Sweeney discussed parallels in the U.S. government, and Murkowski's goals. There was a lengthy question-and-answer period.
Former legislator John Harris, of Valdez. 

Over thirty people attended. Chamber Vice President John Becker gave a report on the recent Memorial Day Car Wash and Open House at the Chamber, which brought in over $4,000 for three local participating fire departments to use on heat and electricity at firehalls this winter. A large amount of that money came from Al Sanders, and the 
"Radio Club". The rest came from vigorous car-washing, back behind the Hub parking lot, on the part of the fire department volunteers.
Kevin Sweeney, of Lisa Murkowski's office. 

Warren Ulrich gave a presentation on the Visitor Center. He is the new manager of the Center for the Chamber. The Visitor Center will be open 7 days a week this summer. If you are a Chamber member who hasn't paid your dues, or if you want to be a Chamber member, call 822-5555 today, or come by the Chamber Visitor Center to see what's going on. 

Gakona Lodge, the host venue, is currently owned and operated by Clif and Rebecca Potter, who outdid themselves on a memorable and interesting meal. Terry Keizer played the guitar during the social hour. 
New Gakona Lodge owner Rebecca Potter, and her brother
served as cooks in the kitchen. 

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