KCAM Will Hold Spring EMS Auction From March 24th - March 26th

Join In And Support The Region's Emergency Medical Services!

Copper River EMS Sent The Following Information To Chamber Members:

The 31st Annual Copper River EMS Radio Auction starts Tuesday (24th), and continues Wednesday (25th), and Thursday (26th) 6-9pm at the Fireweed Grill live on KCAM Radio.

Each night, radio auctioneers will “open” the items to be bid on starting at 6 p.m.  Once they have opened the items, bids can be placed.  “100” items will be opened the first day, “200” items the second day, and “300” items the third day.

You can bid by calling in bids at 822-5215, or by coming to the Fireweed Grill and placing bids (by paper) in person.  If you want to know what the current high bid is for any item(s), you can call and ask.  

If you are at the live auction, just raise your hand, and a “runner” will come to collect your bid slips. For those at the auction, high bids can be found on the white board at the back of the room.  

High bids will be recorded and items sold at the end of the night, beginning at 8:40 p.m.  Once the radio auctioneer has announced “Bidding Closed”, phones will be taken off the hook and no more bids will be collected from the floor.  Results will be tabulated, and the high bidder for each item will be announced on the radio.  Most items will be sold on the night they are opened, but a few items will be carried over to be bid on the following night(s). 

For bid list with up-to-the day additions and for pictures of items, go to or download on Face book at the Copper Valley Salecycle page. 

The auction line (822-5215) is only available during the hours bidding is open.  If you have questions at other times, please call 822-3671 or 259-3515.  Thank you!

Side note: Matt Lorenz, Eric Lutz, and Dave Abbott will be “Paying the Piper” for the $2,000 hair/henna challenge that was met at the close of last year’s auction. Matt and Eric have hair to dye and Dave has a bald head for henna.

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