Bring Your Kids To The Chamber Offices For Treats On Halloween From 3 to 5 pm. And Visit 23 Other Glennallen Businesses!

Come To The Copper Valley Chamber With Your Ghosts, Goblins & Fairy Princesses During CVEA's Glennallen "Spooktacular" & Parade

The Copper Valley Chamber, working with Copper Valley Electric Association, is sponsoring a Halloween treat giveaway at the Chamber Visitor Center.

The Copper Valley Chamber of Commerce will participate in CVEA’s Cooperative Month Halloween Trick or Treat Parade/Glennallen Spooktacular on Halloween night from 3-5 pm. Stop by the Chamber. 

After you’ve visited us at the Chamber of Commerce, take your tricks and get your treats at 23 other downtown businesses and don’t forget your FREE gift when you stop by CVEA! Check out the list of participants shown here. 

This is a chance to get some great treats, some black and orange balloons, and to take part in a downtown parade! 

The visitor center is right next to the Hub in downtown Glennallen, at the junction of the Glenn and Richardson Highways.

Treats will be distributed from 3 to 5 pm. Come on in, and look around! Call Cathy Ulrich at the Chamber at 822-5555 if you have any questions.

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