February Board Meeting Minutes (Draft)

February Board Meeting Minutes   

1. Call to Order @ 5:47pm February 4th, 2014 by Jeremy Weld 

2. Roll Call: 
__X_ Richard Dennis        _X__ Linda Padie        _X__ John Becker
__X_ Jeremy Weld         _X__ LaShonda Huckabey    _A__ Mike Jenkins
__X_ Joel Elrod            _X__ Naomi Young        _X__ Bob Padie   

3. Establish Quorum: Yes

4. Approve or Modify Current Agenda
        Motion: Joel            2nd:    LaShonda    Passed: X

5.   Approve or Modify Last Months Minutes
        Motion: Linda            2nd:    Joel        Passed: X
Presidents Report-(Jeremy) Busy month.  Mike has been gone the entire month so a lot of time has been spent on the renovation of the VC.  Renovation committee has met a number of times, looking at progress and budget.  Erica, an interpreter from Wrangell-St. Elias NP also met with the committee to provide her insight of what the Park would like to see in the VC and had many good ideas.  Executive Board had to address the Exec. Director position and the Finance Committee have met twice this month.  February we will be sending out the invoices for panels and podiums.  A suggestion was made to take a picture of a completed panel and podium to send out to members for additional incentive to purchase.  Also, it was suggested to run a story in the paper regarding the renovation.

6. Treasurer’s Report (Linda)
 Pay monthly invoices in the amount of _$2703.65: (of which 3 checks will be held until 2/14, 2/18 and 3/1)
        Motion:    LaShonda        2nd:     Joel        Passed: X
Executive Director stated that of the 1200 that was allotted last month to pay towards the credit card, only $600 was paid, as a $450 invoice came in from Alaska Denali for the D&O insurance and $200 was approved towards the advertising in the Copper Valley Visitor guide.  The $200 will not be paid until an invoice is received.

7. Executive Director Report: Naomi (See Attached)

8. New Business:
a. By-laws (Board members) – Article 6, Section 1 was discussed regarding the number of Board members.  Discussion ensued as to the meaning of such paragraph.  Motion was made by LaShonda to select another Board Member, 2nd: Joel.  Richard moved to table this motion until next month, Joel 2nd.  Motion Tabled.
9. Old Business:
a. Renovation Update: Mike/Jeremy: As Mike has been absent for the past month, Jeremy has been filing in as Renovation Supervisor.  The budget was discussed in detail.  At this point with what is left to do, we “could potentially” be about $10,000 over budget.  Heated discussion ensued.  There has been MUCH discussion with renovation committee, finance committee and contractor regarding what changes could be made to alleviate this.  Plans are underway.  Jeremy also has a Plan B: which is asking the Alaska state legislature, city of Valdez and others for assistance to complete this project, and Plan C: adding monies to the next grant to pay for some of the “unforeseen” items that had to be done as the renovation was taking place.   A motion was made by Jeremy to go ahead with the renovation project as is to completion, 2nd: LaShonda, Linda made an amendment to exclude the ramp/stairs at this time ($5000), 2nd: Naomi, Passed.  Previous motion Passed with 2 abstaining.  Bob and John both volunteered to help with the deck and railings in the Spring when the weather permits building.
b. Executive Director Position: A motion was made by Joel to start the process of hiring a new year-round Executive Director, as Naomi was filling in temporarily.  2nd:  Linda.  Passed.   The finance committee will be getting together to discuss the salary and job description of the Exec Director, VIC manager and volunteers.
c. Fill-in ED position:  Bob Padie volunteered to fill in during Naomi’s vacation (2/17-3/17) and get mail, check phone messages and start calling members to make sure that all their information is correct for our records and the website.  Thank you Bob!!
d. Website update: Jeremy show the website on the screen as was shown at the dinner meeting last Thursday.  Comments were made (see attached).   The overall feeling was of disappointment.  Not the “world-class” website that we were hoping for.  Richard received a letter from the Greg Fensterman stating the website was ready and he would add the member information for an additional $1800.  Richard forward this letter to Jeremy, who in turn emailed Pinnacle Internet (Alan Myers) with our concerns and comments.  Alan will check into this and get back to Jeremy.  Jeremy will email the Board his response.  Jeremy has also made a blog site to extend the newsletter and hopefully get us by until the actual website it up and running. He will look into putting this address on the current website so individuals can go to that site.  We are also looking forward adding any/all of the to photos from the Photo Contest that is now underway.
e. Sponsor Membership descriptions: Discussion regarding the new prices of sponsor membership and descriptions of such.  It was brought to our attention that it varies from what was passed on to members at the annual meeting.  It was decided that that particular description was very confusing and needed some clarification.  Also, the fact that the dinner meetings added would also apply to the Sponsor members who have already paid.  It would be from this month forward to the end of the year (Sept 2014).
f. Panel/Podium prices: A motion was made by Jeremy to run a promotion of $50.00 off the panel and podium until the Open House May 3rd.  This would make the panels $500 and the podium $200, then increase to the regular price of $550 and $250 respectfully, 2nd by Linda.  Passed. 
John made a motion to r change the rate for a rack-card only (no membership) price to $100 for the season, 2nd: Richard.  5 in favor, 3 opposed.  Motion passed.
g. Signage: John – has communicated with Brockman Signs regarding a vinyl sign for the peak of the VIC approximately 2’x50’ – 2 tier (Copper Valley) (Visitor Center).  Approximate price is about $6/sq ft or about $600.00.  John will also be in contact with DOT regarding the highway signs.

10. Committee Updates:
a.Grants: (Mike/John)
b.Sponsor Members: (Jeremy)
c.Website: (Richard)
d.Board/Dinner meetings: (Naomi/LaShonda)
e.Renovation: (Mike/Jeremy/John/Naomi/Richard)
f.Fundraising: (Linda/LaShonda/Jeremy) Meeting to take place soon to start planning the Spring Fling Open House May 3rd.

11.Next Board Meeting: Tuesday, March 4th at 5:45pm at the Glennallen Sr. Center.
     Next Dinner: Thursday, February 27th -
12. Adjournment:  _9:15_ pm

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